David Sibbet Leaders. New Tools for Visioning, Management, and Organization Change

Цена: 1978.28 руб.


What Meetings did for meetings and Teams did for teams, this book does for leaders Leaders explores how leaders can support visioning and strategy formation, planning and management, and organizationchange through the application of visual meeting and visual team methodologies organization wide—literally «trans-forming» communications and people's sense of what is possible. It describes seven essential tools for visual leaders—mental models, visual meetings, graphic templates, decision theaters, roadmaps, Storymaps, and virtual visuals—and examples of methods for implementation throughout an organization. Written for all levels of leadership in organizations, from department heads through directors, heads of strategic business units, and "C" level executives Explores how communications has become interactive and graphic and how these tools can be used to shape direction and align people for implementation Brings tools, methods and frameworks to life with stories of real organizations modeling these practices Leaders answers the question of how design thinking and visual literacy can help to orient leaders to the complexity of contemporary organizations in the private, non-profit, and public sectors.

Купить Мусорный Бак Металлический С Крышкой

Thomas Zeume Small Dynamic Classes. An Investigation into Dynamic Descriptive

Цена: 8014 руб.


Книга "Small Dynamic Classes. An Investigation into Dynamic Descriptive ".

49 Tcl Led49D2930Us

Подголовник Riho черный (AH13110)

Цена: 3996 руб.


Подголовник: Материал полиуретан Цвет черный

Сумка Для Ноута 13 Дюймов

Конверт-муфта Casualplay "Footmuff" утепленный (lima divin)

Цена: 2689.33 руб.


Уличная Дачная Мебель


Цена: 21630 руб.


Кухня . Размер (ШхВхГ, см): 260х212,5х140/60. Каркас — ЛДСП. Цвет — дуб золотой.

Насосы Ножные Для Автомобильных Шин Цена

John Blackburn The Young Man from

Цена: 1989 руб.


Книга "The Young Man from ".

Давыдов Станислав Алексеевич

Цоколь боковой

Цена: 220 руб.


Цоколь боковой . Размер (ШхВхГ, см): 50,8х14х1,6. Каркас — ЛДСП.

Lowepro Adventura Sh140 Ii

Кухня 1,6

Цена: 9040 руб.


Кухня 1,6. Размер (ШхВхГ, см): 160х212,5х60. Каркас — ЛДСП. Цвет — дуб золотой.

Шарма Р Ш Древнеиндийское Общество М 1987

Кухня 2,4

Цена: 14500 руб.


Кухня 2,4. Размер (ШхВхГ, см): 240х212,5х60. Каркас — ЛДСП. Цвет — дуб золотой.

Краска Логона Цена


Цена: 1514 руб.


CANCIONERIA CUBANA is Robert 's interpretation of traditional Cuban songs and rhythms in his own lyrics. The book also features a section of 's Poemas Habaneros.

Рельсовый Патруль Чаггингтон

Kim Christensen, Nicholas R Moloney COMPLEXITY AND CRITICALITY

Цена: 6877 руб.



David Kreps Bergson, and Creative Emergence

Цена: 4414 руб.


Книга "Bergson, and Creative Emergence".

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